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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ID: Finishers' Banquet and Prize Giving (Video)

I know this is a few weeks old by now, sorry for the delay. I wanted to give you some "snippets" from the prize giving but the stories were just too good to edit! Therefore, this video is quite long so I suggest getting a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this magnificent highlight reel from the Finishers Banquet!!!

It was touching to hear each and every 4-legged team member identified and thanked by Aliy. I am sure I will watch this over and over - the sign of a great video.

Thanks again SP Kennel for the thrills this season,


Lourdes, VT said...

OMG!!!! What a WONDERFUL video!!!!
Thank you Moira for doing such a great job filming it, and making each segment the right length!

What an example of courage, determination, teamwork, and profound LOVE between the mushers and their beloved dogs!

Thank you!!!!!

Mrs. Holmes said...

From Judy Holmes, Urbandale, Iowa: Aliy, you and Allen are First Class. Thanks for the highlights! I made my third trip to Anchorage for the 2014 race, and you are an inspiration.

Kiz said...

Thank you - this is wonderful!

Nessmuk said...

Ditto on all the comments made....what a race!! I love the stories told at the banquet!! THANK YOU for sharing them! Even though this was such an exciting race to watch, I wish for better trail conditions next year along with Mother Nature behaving herself along the coast! I'm so proud of SPK! Thanks again!

A-town's Becky said...

Well worth the wait.
Thank You!!!

Lisa B said...

Thanks so much for the video, it's great - appreciate the work you did to make it and get it up to share with all of us. I always enjoying hearing Allen and Aliy talk about their races and Aliy's speech this year was fabulous. Can't wait until the mushing begins again in the fall.

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks you so much for this video. What a treat. Dittos to all the above comments. I did get a cuppa(but with tea) to watch this. I was so pleased to see Aliy wearing the special T-Shirt(I wear mine everywhere). Aliy's comments were spot on thinking all her dogs(yeah). Thanks again for this!
Well done Aliy, Allen, & all the SPK dogs.

Margaret said...


Aliy, you nailed it - it being Iditarod 42 2nd place acceptance presentation.

Proud to support all of the endeavors of SP Kennel and all members, 2-legged and 4-legged
(WOOF!!!)- I second recommendation to Mother Nature above.

Thanks for the thrills.

tmcaleer said...

This was so great! Thanks for sharing this with us and such tremendous sportsmanship filled with great reverence and humor.

Best, Trish McAleer

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how in the heck the Iditarod Insider produced the pictures of perhaps Jeff King tending to his dogs in a storm...was this before he scratched or after? Now we know their heroic story. Thank you!

Nobody else explained who it was on snow mobile who returned Jeff to rescue his team.

Thanks so much, yet again, Aliy, for your clear explanation of what transpired in the end game of Iditarod 42.

Linda Toth said...

Good clips Moira

I really enjoyed listening to Aliy, and actually Dallas as well.

I think I am glad this season is over .. but when the snow falls next autumn, I will once again be following everything you do.


Barb said...

Thank you very much for highlighting Aliy and Allen, of course this is their site, LOL! But to hear about all that I watched that fateful night is priceless! Who would have ever known the extent Jeff, Aliy and Dallas went through along with most everyone else. (This climate change is very scary for the years ahead!)

Kristi said...

Thanks Aliy! I appreciate the longer version with all of the stories. I especially like your couple of comments about friends. I am happy to be your 'not yet friend'. ;)

BTW - There are a bunch of student in Beirut, Lebanon who don't think you are a sissy.