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Friday, April 11, 2014

Letters from Students

Many schools around the country use the Iditarod as a learning tool and include various aspects of the race in their syllabus'. Sometimes, part of their teaching includes the students writing a letter to their chosen musher and this year we received hundreds of letters from students all over the US.

We always enjoy receiving them along with pictures the students have drawn, handmade cards and other fun enclosures. It is not only fun but also funny at times when there are some "kids say the darndest things" moments like the one student who suggested Aliy bring her "A game" next time.

We reply to each one with information about the race, the kennel and dogs and try to answer all their questions. We also send a dog trading card so they can get to know one of the dogs a little more personally. It's a fun time of year! And who knows, maybe one day some of those students will run the race and be replying to letters themselves!


Margaret said...

Right on! Or is that "write on?"

And regarding bringing one's "A" game, my sense of it is, like municipal bond ratings, Aliy brought here "AAA" game to Iditarod 42!!!

And Allen "AAA" to Yukon Quest 1000 this year.

Thanks so much for this post!

Lourdes, VT said...

How fun, and what a great way to show children the wonders and rewards of mushing and the love of dogs!!!

Nessmuk said...

It's SO cool you take the letters from students so seriously....and no doubt you absolutely will make a difference to some kid out there looking for you to "bring your A Game next year" (lol..kids are SO funny....black and white, right and wrong) but seriously, just the fact they took an interest is awesome!! Im so glad the Iditarod really took a step into education....its a huge step and they do a great job at it....and you at SPK are following through....too cool! You folks are a class act on many levels!! Our kids are our future, and any chance you have to interact is a special gift! Glad to see SPK makes the time for them.....nothing short of AWESOME!! Again, you folks make me proud to be an SPK supporter!

A-town's Becky said...

Oh my, more writer's cramp, time for hand massages.

Once again Aliy and Allen bringing their AAA game.

You are all so impressive!

Leanna said...

Too bad those wonderful incredible dogs couldn't write a few letters too!
I ketp trying to read Aily's Tee-Shirt she had on during the Iditarod banquet. I think it said "You Lead... I will follow... but I couldn't catch the last words. When you get a chance can you let us know the rest of the wording. Thanks!

marilyn cozzens said...

How great that both Aliy & Allen take the time to interact with their young fans. And yes kids can say the funniest things. In reality you both brought more than your A game to this race. You both are why SPK is so special & awesome! Thank you. Some of these kids may win the Iditarod some day.

Mollie B said...

Our school has followed the Iditarod for many years. Thank you so much for answering the letters. It means so much to the kiddos to receive a letter. They especially like writing to you because of your New Hampshire connection.

Mollie B said...

Thank you so much for answering the letters. Our students love getting a reply. They share it with their class. Our kids especially like the New Hampshire connection you have with them.

Linda Toth said...

I love the frank and uncensored comments of young people. They may not know the whole story, but are willing to say what they think anyway! Many still have the optimism and self-assurance of a life not yet challenged by obstacles and that robust outlook always cheers me.

And, he is right in one sense - this is not an easy race and it takes super human effort to win. That is why coming in second by two+ minutes is amazing.

I appreciated A-team's Becky saying the SPK team had brought their 'AAA' game to this year's races.

Does that means Dallas brought his 'AAAA' game? Okay - enough! This student definitely tickled my funny bone.

Barb, CO said...

Last quarter, I assigned SPK to my Org Behav class at the Colorado Women's College under the auspices of the University of Denver. These are older women who never had a chance to complete college when they were younger. We all learn so much from you all, from your decisions, from your wisdom and we are grateful that you provide this forum for us for an up close and personal look. I am going to just keep on reading this log.