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Friday, April 25, 2014

Springtime at SP Kennel

Springtime at the kennel brings warm temperatures and sunny skies. It also brings the melt! Nearby fields and lower lying parts of the kennel disappear under a few inches of water as we wait for both the ground the river to thaw to take all the water away. The road out of the kennel is a little treacherous but at least the underside of the truck gets a good clean each time!

the field outside the kennel, the road out

We utilise the dog barn and higher pens for those dogs that are getting soggy feet. Mud is the order of the day so we've replaced our warm insulated boots for rubber boots and our warm pants and jackets for waterproof bibs and T-shirts. It won't take long for the water to drain away but in the meantime everything looks a little brown.


marilyn cozzens said...

Wow, the beginning of breakup all ready. Keep those fabulous dogs dry. And all of SPK crew stay out of the mud as much as you can.

LynneD said...

Need an SP Kennel Boat?????

Nessmuk said...

Wow...and I thought an Adirondack mud season was bad but you folks win the prize...what a messy time of year!! Sending dry wishes your way!!

Anonymous said...

Well, once the mud goes away it will play and frolic time - Alaska is beautiful in any season!

Thanks so much for this video!!!


rhonda leitz said...

Love love love the updates...especially dog video. Good girl quito.

Anonymous said...

Our trees are still waiting to bud (may be life in the dogwoods -woof!!!) - what a tough winter we had in CT. Wanted to send our snow by FEDEX to the Iditarod!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Thank you for keeping us posted !!!! You guys and your wonderful, beloved dogs are a wonderful, loving unit!
We are going thru breakup in Vermont right now, and it is not fun. However, you make it look like fun!!!
Bless you and your pups !!'n

Carol said...

Thanks for giving a tour of the winter break-up/flooding that happens at your place via the video.I love to hear Quito 'talking'I look forward to following this blogspot from Berkshire, NY