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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Springtime Walks

Now that the dogs aren't running in harness they need to stretch their legs and keep fit in other ways so we take them out free running! The other day we took Chica, Sissy, Scooter, Tig and Spicy out into the fields.

They enjoy the warm weather but need to cool themselves down so the all channelled their inner labrador when we came upon the puddles.

There is still some snow lying around, particularly the berms (making it difficult for the water to drain away) and some of the sled trails. Here's a pic of our exit trail - because probably 99% of our runs used this part of the trail it is very hard packed and is taking longer to melt than everything else.

Everyone will get to do lots of free walking and running this summer - watch this space for updates throughout the off-season.


marilyn cozzens said...

What a great way to keep the dogs exercised--free running & playing.You have such well behaved dogs! Aliy is your hamstring pull/tear totally healed? Do all the dogs get out for a free run/walk every day? Thanks for the update/post.

Lourdes, VT said...

Those pups look soooo very happy and carefree in the off-season!!!
You guys know how to give them the best every season!
Thank you for the update.! Please keep then coming our way!
God bless!!!!

Anonymous said...

So adorable. Love to see dogs being dogs!!!

A great way to keep in shape, too, I would think!

Looking forward to these updates throughout the off-season, sincerely,


Nessmuk said...

Gotta love the free walks and runs! I'm looking forward to news of newborn SPK pups!! Summer is puppy time!!

Anonymous said...

Upon revisiting the pictures, I note that Sissy looks awesome - the straightest tail ever!!! Guess here racing season was inspirational to her sense of self. Go Sissy!!!